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Don't You Hate a Cliffhanger

The Hotel by Lola Darling. Where do I begin? This well-trodden boss/intern romance is rehashed here with lashings of sass. The writing was promising and I was down for it, immersed in Juliet's world. Feeling her conflict and then... ugh... just as playboy brother bowls in to disrupt things further, it stops. Abruptly.

And I'm asked to pay for the next instalment.

This story isn't even over.

Neither is my rant... I flippin' hate cliffhangers.

Authors out there, please don't. Even if it's a free book, please give us a full and developed story. Or risk our rating wrath.

* alpha-boss romance

#loladarling #thehotelloladarling #alphabossromance #cliffhangers #Ihatecliffhangers

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